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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Buying and selling property in Canada is a task that needs much care and attention. If you are planning to sell your home and want to get the most satisfying price for it, then it’s the time for its repair and redesign. You must present your home in its optimum light to a highly informed and educated market to get the highest price in the shortest time possible. Here is how can you get your home ready for an auction.

Renovate The Exterior

When a potential buyer will come to examine your home, the exterior is the first thing that will hit his eyes. So you should make best efforts to freshen it up to give your clients a wonderful first impression. You can invest in some good quality landscaping that can be quite soothing to the buyers’ eyes and can give him a reason to choose your house. Clean up the yard, add a table and a few chairs or outdoor recliners so that it appears as if you host the best parties in the neighborhood. You can even clear the pathway and the porch, hide the bins, the bikes, and the prams.


Decluttering is a necessary step in every auction preparation. Most of the people pay much attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the home they buy. So, do whatever you can to get rid of all junk that is a visual clutter for the potential buyer. Wrap up all additional furniture and useless items as it could be distracting to potential buyers. Keep in mind that not only will a decluttered place look much more decent and tidier, but it will appear more spacious as well.

Clean And Update Bathrooms

Your bathroom is an expression of your personality and it can make or break your house deal. An unappealing bathroom can be an instant turnoff. So, clear out any clutter and unimportant personal belongings, leaving a neutral yet inviting ambiance behind. Make it sure that the plumbing and ventilation of your bathroom are in proper working. If your bathroom is small, you can make it look spacious by fixing a large mirror on one side wall. You may also enhance the space with bright and innovative lighting.

Add Fresh Paint

Paint is one of the cheapest but the most impressing updates you can make to your home before selling it. Most of the Canadian home buyers look for a house in move-in condition. They don’t want to take the hassle of painting it before moving in. So, a simple coat of paint will impress your potential buyers and you will get a good price. You can even focus on the high traffic areas of your house such as the main hallway, kitchen and family rooms and paint them with some innovative ideas.


Quick fixes before auctioning a home always pay off. Flooring is a part that buyers would stare most of the time. So, if your home has hardwood floors, it would pay to have the carpeting removed and the floors refinished. Also, it is always good to replace chipped or cracked tiles. Moreover, the buyers shy away from purchasing a home if the roof needs to be replaced. So fix up all the issues related to roofs. In addition to this fix all leaky faucets, squeaky doors, broken drawers and handles and loose door knobs.

Cut Off Emotion

Make it a point that your house is not full of material that is yours, if you want to bring in the best buyer. Remove family photos, get rid of anything that has to do with you. Viewers should be able to visualize their own family in the house, so keep the adornment nonspecific. When a buyer looks around he must see his house, not yours.

Contact Best Realtors

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