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What Words to Use & Not to Use While Selling Home

In the real estate world, when a property is put up on sale, then lots of pictures are highlighted in advertisements to attract customers. So they can tour that property.

In classified ads, you can see some words with images. The words are carefully chosen to make an advertisement effective.

What those words are, we will read down below.

First, make a list of all the nouns and adjectives relating to your house. Think deep and use all of your imagination. Write the words that pop into your mind.

Your list will look like the following:

  • Beautiful  The word beautiful attracts everyone. It is a powerful word, as is proven.
  • Maintained – The word preserved is related to money where if the property is not conserved, then buyers will have to spend extra.
  • Turnkey  The word Turnkey means is that the house is fully ready to be used by the new owner the next day after seeing it once. Advertisements with such words are used by agents to present a clear picture of the property.
  • Spacious – Houses with good space cater to big needs. Use the word only when it’s true.
  • Backyard – Backyard brings smiles on the faces of customers. A backyard is a space for families to gather around especially in the warm weather.  Also, you can have pets.
  • Open Floor Plan – An open floor plan is good due to the space provided which many homebuyers love.
  • Remodelled  The word is heavy, so use it only when the property got fully renovated. Else you can be sued.
  • Suite  The suite word describes a master bedroom having own bath and other feature. The suite is different where the kids cannot disturb the parents when they do not want to.

Using the above words will attract prospective buyers. And remember to avoid the following negative words.

  • Small – Use this word only when you are selling a tiny home (designed in that manner). Else, who wants to live in a small house?
  • Cramped ­– Never to use this word because there is no other word to use in its place.
  • Outdated – Outdated word implies that the property is an old one. You can use the word vintage designed in good condition.
  • Oversized – Oversized house makes fun, and you must not use it has a large neighbourhood.

Some other words to avoid are ugly but cute, fresh paint, leaking roof, close to the railway station or bus stand. Finally, do not use the word motivated seller because it shows the seller is desperate and is ready to sell less a quality house at a price less than the market value.

Overall your advertisement words must give a positive aura which apart from the above words you can use yours too. Moreover, if you are looking for Houses for Sale in Scarborough, then Sold by Anil can help. Plenty of options are available, so do not miss it.